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Varimixer 56SN60-24 Distance Washer, Black

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Varimixer 56SN60-24 Genuine OEM Replacement Part

The Varimixer 56SN60-24 Distance Washer creates a specific distance or gap between two components when placed between them and tightened.

  • Real OEM distance washers provide durability and an appropriate fit
  • Fits models V150PLM, V30, V40 and more (See FITS MODELS tab for additional compatibility)
  • Color: Black
  • Common Equipment Type: Specialty Marine Mixer
  • Length:
    1.55 in / 3.94 cm
  • Width:
    1.15 in / 2.92 cm
  • Height:
    0.15 in / 0.38 cm
  • Weight:
    0.02 lbs / 9 g