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Parts Town Webuversity Is Proud to Present: Overview Webinar

Join us for a quick, 30-minute tour of In a short amount of time, you’ll learn all about our innovative online tools, designed to make your job easier.

Topics Include:

  • How to Find Parts Quickly and Easily
  • Smart Manuals
  • Interactive Diagrams
  • Serial Number Lookup
  • Bulk Ordering
  • Saving Multiple Shopping Carts

Meet Your Presenter

Chris Miller

PARTnership Builder
AKA: Inside Sales Manager

Parts Town

Chris Miller is a PARTnership Builder (aka Inside Sales Manager) of Institutions at Parts Town, where he leads our Addison, IL-based team of Business Development Specialists who serve our hospitality, education, healthcare and government customers.

To contact Chris, call 844.821.0720 or email [email protected].