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Carpigiani Ice Cream Machine Troubleshooting

Carpigiani Ice Cream Machine Troubleshooting

Ice cream is always in high demand, especially when the temperature rises. Whether it's a chain restaurant or frozen yogurt shop, Carpigiani manufactures heavy-duty ice cream machines built to serve customers day after day. If these commercial ice cream machines experience a rare but occasional hiccup, don't let it freeze business. The tips below for troubleshooting a Carpigiani ice cream machine will help you identify the problem quickly.

Compressor Starts, Then Stops

If the compressor starts up normally but stops after only a few seconds, it typically has to do with poor circulation.

  • Water-cooled unit – On a water-cooled model, water isn't circulating. To remedy the issue, open the water inlet valve and see if the pipe is damaged or bent.
  • Air-cooled unit – On an air-cooled model, the air might isn't circulating. Make sure the machine is in an area where it has plenty of space to circulate properly.

Still happening? Contact an authorized technician for further assistance.

Ice Cream or Mix Leaks

Leaking typically occurs in the following spots:

  • Above or below the plunger – Whether the door is closed or opened, check if the piston's O-ring missing or worn out. Turn off the machine to reattach the O-ring or replace worn one.
  • Drip drawer/tube – If leaking is coming from the drip drawer or tube, usually the stuffing box is missing or worn. Turn off the machine to reinstall the stuffing box or replace worn out box.

Ice Cream Comes Out from Front Lid

If you notice ice cream or mix coming out from the front lid, look for the potential causes below:

  • Missing or improperly fitted O-ring – The O-ring on the front lid could be missing or isn't fitted properly. Turn off the machine to check and correct the issue.
  • Knobs aren't evenly tightened – Check if the front lid knobs aren't evenly tightened. Turn off the machine to loosen and tighten the knobs properly.

Dispensing Handle Too Hard to Move

Is the dispensing handle on the machine too hard to operate? Sugar might have dried on the piston. Turn the machine off, and wash it thoroughly. Once it's clean, make sure to grease the plunger and O-ring with edible fat or OEM greaser.

Low Overrun

If there is low ice cream overrun, the pump might not have been adjusted correctly. Turn off the machine to adjust the position of the pump's central knob.

Need more help maintaining or troubleshooting your Carpigiani machine? Check out our library of Carpigiani manuals for assistance.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.