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Star Roller Grill Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Star Logo-Star Roller Grill Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Roller grills can make anything from hot dogs to sausage with ease. Star manufactures some of the best machines in the foodservice industry, including the Star Grill-Max® model. While they're rugged and dependable, you'll still need to clean and, in rare occurrences, troubleshoot your grill to keep it in top shape for years to come. Below are some easy tips for installing, cleaning and troubleshooting a Star roller grill.


Aside from just plugging in the machine, look for the following before starting up your grill.

  • Check the voltage – Each Star roller grill is built to operate on a specific voltage – using too much or too little can cause problems. Consult your operation's manual for proper voltage.
  • Make sure the unit is level – If the roller grill isn’t level, your hot dogs won’t be level either. Nobody likes floor dogs. If your roller grill has a bun box, you need the unit to be level in order for the self-closing bun drawer to work. Adjustable legs are common on the Grill-Max® 75A series, but they can be used on other models too.

Use & Maintenance

How you use and maintain your grill can go a very long way. Use the tips below to get the most out of your machine. 

  • Don't use metal utensils – Use only plastic or coated utensils for handling food on the grill. A metal utensil can scratch the rollers coating, which can make them more difficult to clean and make them an eyesore for customers. Along these same lines, do not use steel wool or other abrasives when cleaning the grill.
  • Clean often – If you don't clean often, the food product will build up and bake onto the roller surface. That is a nasty treat for whomever has to clean it – with no guarantee you'll be able to get it off. Cleaning daily will prevent this problem and others from occurring.
  • What to clean with – Clean the roller tubes frequently with a clean wet cloth or non-abrasive sponge. To keep debris out of the roller seals, wipe from the ends to the center. Clean the exterior of the unit with a separate clean cloth or sponge. Use mild dish soap and warm water. 

Quick Troubleshooting

While Star roller grills are very sophisticated units, an unplugged power cord is typically the most common reason why your machine won't start or function properly. See if the cord is loose, unplugged or damaged. If that isn't the problem, you'll have to contact an authorized service technician to diagnose and remedy any other issues.

Need more help maintaining or troubleshooting your roller grill? Check out our collection of Star manuals for assistance.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.