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Wilbur Curtis WC-2005 Arandela, tapa de protección del manómetro, 1/8" GEM-3/TC'S

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Wilbur Curtis WC-2005 Pieza de Repuesto

A Wilbur Curtis WC-2005 Washer creates a leak-free seal on the gauge glass of your coffee warmers and water boilers, so there's never a doubt when you need to replenish your stores.

  • Real OEM washers are fitted to the dimensions of your exact Wilbur Curtis water boilers, coffee warmers and coffee urns, keeping your unit protected under warranty.
  • Fits popular models like WB-14-12, RU-300-20, GEM3IF and more (please see FITS MODELS below for a complete list)
  • Common Equipment Type: Water Boiler, Coffee Warmer, Coffee Urn
  • Washer Type: Guage Shield Cap
  • Dimensions: 1/8"
  • Color: Black
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  • Longitud:
    0.75 en / 1.91 cm
  • Ancho:
    0.75 en / 1.91 cm
  • Altura:
    0.13 en / 0.33 cm
  • Peso:
    0.01 lb / 5 g